In our 25th year, the Alliance decided it was time to reflect on our history and freshen up our look. Our story is the story of our member nonprofits- they truly are what makes the Alliance great. This is why we decided to create a space to better tell their stories, celebrate their successes, and share the part that we play in supporting their great work.

From our humble beginnings as The Grant Information Center in 1992, we have come a long way to be the organization now known as the Alliance. Our membership has grown and our strategy has adapted, and in our 25th year we are choosing to focus on the three areas where great nonprofits excel: people, revenue, and impact. All of our training offerings will focus on one of these three areas as well as our consulting engagements. We want to ensure that every Alliance member has access to affordable, effective, professional support and the opportunity to connect with their colleagues meaningfully. We are also committed to elevating sector awareness and aligning nonprofit work with efforts in business and government. We are dedicated to meeting the needs of the nonprofit sector, because we believe nonprofits make the Mid-South a great place to live. 

 So go ahead and take the tour! Learn about our 25 year history in the Who We Are section, what our members value about us in our Member Spotlights section, and what types of benefits we offer to our nonprofit members under our Membership section. We are proud to represent over 200 nonprofits and we look forward to serving them another 25 years.