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State of the Sector Report: 2015

TN Nonprofit Compensation Report: 2014

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Inside the Mid-South Nonprofit Sector 2015 is the sixth annual report on the regional nonprofit sector produced by the Alliance for Nonprofit Excellence that explores the impact the Recession had on nonprofits.

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This is the fifth annual Tennessee Nonprofit Compensation Survey conducted by Memphis-based Certified Public Accounting firm Watkins Uiberall, PLLC, and the Alliance for Nonprofit Excellence. The chief purpose of this report is to provide nonprofit leaders with comparability data that can be utilized in the process of determining reasonable compensation.

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A report produced by Independent Sector, an organization that serves as a leadership network for nonprofits, foundations, and corporations, after a series of community conversations on the challenges and trends facing the charitable sector.

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Produced by Jeanne Bell and Kim Klien. Commissioned by the Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. Fund and in partnership with Compass Point. This report highlights several successful nonprofits and their fundraising strategies in hopes of shedding light on best practices and redefining the "Culture of Philanthropy".

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Charity Regulation in Tennessee

The Tennessee Attorney General’s Office, Public Interest Division, and Secretary of State’s Division of Charitable Solicitations, Fantasy Sports, and Gaming are responsible for the regulatory oversight of solicitation practices and non-profit governance. On June 19, representatives from these two offices presented a special session, hosted by the Alliance, for nonprofit organizations in Memphis. This special session included a discussion about the roles of each division, what is required to keep a non-profit in compliance, tips to share with your staff and board members, and a legislative update. Please follow the links below to view slides from each of the presentations:

Click here to read an important report on State Regulation and Enforcement in the Charitable Sector conducted by the Urban Institute.

What Every Board member Should Know

Every year, the Tennessee Attorney General's Office publishes "What Every Board Member Should Know", an important resource that addresses the legal and fiduciary duties of board members. Nonprofits and board members can access it here.

Important Resources on Diversity, Racism, and Inclusion in the Nonprofit and Philanthropic Sector

Putting Racism on the Table: A collection of smart, thoughtful resources from Washington Regional Association of Grantmakers

Nonprofits, you are the Champions for Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity: An article on taking conversation about race and turning it into action.

Tackling Racial Justice: Why, How, and So What?: The story of a group of local grantmakers having a community wide conversation about racism

Philanthropy Must Understand Racism is Not Dead: An opinion piece from the President of the Washington Regional Association of Grantmakers and why she felt inspired to create the "Putting Racism on the Table" conversation series.

From Nonprofit AF:

Hey, you got a little racism stuck in your teeth.

Meta-Equity and the irony of inequity around Equity work

Hey foundation trustees, come get a beer with us 

Why Equality is actively harmful to Equity

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