Parke Pepper - Executive Director


The Baddour Center is dedicated to providing a model residential community for adults with mild and moderate intellectual disabilities in an environment that promotes maximum growth intellectually, spiritually, physically, socially, emotionally and vocationally. In short, we help people grow. We help them reach their potential- it’s not just a buzz line when we say that we help people live, work, worship, and play.

What Makes You Proud

I am most proud of Homecoming night. Homecoming night for us is almost like Homecoming night in high school and our residents really love it. It’s a staff resident flag football game that is preceded by a parade, a pep rally, and a tailgate. Even Northwest Community College will send their pep band out to play. We have a Homecoming presentation where the ladies are dressed in gowns and accompanied by their fathers, and there is an announcing of the Queen (who is voted on by her peers). Afterward, there is a dance with a live band. It’s a family weekend and everybody comes in town to be here. I’m most attached to it because it is the most fun, laid back thing we do. It’s simply a weekend with the residents and their families. Everybody enjoys the evening and celebrates their children. The look in the eye of the fathers when they are walking their daughters across the ball field is priceless. Many of them have never had an experience like that with their child before. Families send their children here and they are happy. We give their children their own life and Homecoming is a great example of that. That’s what they appreciate most. Baddour is the residents’ own place. It allows the parents to rest from caregiving and the gives the residents a real purpose in their lives.

Get Involved

Come Take a Tour: Experiencing the Baddour is much different than simply hearing about it or seeing it in pictures- we would love for you to come take a tour. We hope it will inspire you to support the Baddour Center as a volunteer or donor, and you’ll never leave without a hug! To learn more about taking a tour or volunteer opportunities, contact us at [email protected] Visit our Garden Center: Come visit and shop at our Garden Center, where we’re growing residents and residents are growing plants. We have tons of selection of indoor and outdoor plans. Refer Someone to our Programming: Refer someone to our programming, like our Y.O.U.R. Summer Program, which allows parents, families, and caregivers of people with intellectual disabilities a unique respite and the resident a fun and inclusive summer experience. Have the Miracles Perform: Speak with someone at your church or organization about inviting the nationally recognized choir, The Miracles to perform/sing.  Contact director John Matlach for more information. One thing you would want someone to know about Baddour: Baddour Center provides a full and whole life for the people it serves. 

How the Alliance Supports Us

They provided us an avenue to expertise. The Alliance is a one-stop-shop where we can find an expert in whatever we might need. As a member, we are exposed to networking opportunities and I meet other nonprofits that I wouldn’t otherwise and we can share our challenges and successes. It keeps us from having to recreate the wheel- I’ve heard so much organizational and nonprofit wisdom through the different people I’ve met. We love The Annual Conference- the speakers are the best. Any organization can benefit by being in the fellowship of other similar organizations. While there are clearly individual, unique challenges that organizations face, there are probably exponentially more that nonprofits face that are standard operating procedure. We can share solutions and best practices. There’s strength in numbers and diversity of ideas and opinions. The Alliance is knowledgeable about what they do.