Lisa Moore - CEO


We inspire all girls to be strong, smart, and bold. Strong, emotional and physical health; Smart, academic success and career aspirations; and Bold, effective life skills. Over 2400 girls ages 6-18 from over 60 zip codes in Shelby County participant annually in our programs. Regardless of the program you join, all girls get the Girls Inc. experience. This experience includes trained professionals and volunteers that take their mentoring role seriously, programs that are hands on, research based, age sequential, and outcomes-driven. We offer a pro-girl/girl-only environment that provides a safe place for girls to explore and tap into their strengths and abilities.

What Makes You Proud

The beauty of Girls Inc. programming is that no matter what you participate in, every girl is going to get the rich Girls Inc. experience throughout their whole lives. Once you’re a Girls Inc. girl you’re always a Girls Inc. girl. We provide direct programming throughout a girl’s schooling years but we are always here to support them even as they grow up. We have a number of alumni full-time staff members who have come back to give back. We even have an alumni who is a PhD holding leader in the community who serves on our board. If you ask any Girls Inc. girl what we meant to them, somewhere in the course of that sharing they will most likely mention that Girls Inc. is their family. Much like their biological family, they stay connected long after their childhood years. You move away, you do great things, but you always come home at Thanksgiving. There is always a place for them at Girls Inc.

Get Involved

I would love for community members to come learn more about the work we do. We are more than just a “nice afterschool program”- the environment we create for girls is very intentional. People are really surprised by the breadth and depth of our programs and the outcomes-driven work we do to equip girls is real. I would love for people to see it in action and join us to inspire girls to be strong, smart, and bold.

How the Alliance Supports Us

No one of us can serve everybody, but together, with our unique gifts that we provide, we can accomplish a great deal. The Alliance provides us the opportunity to unite together around a shared vision of how we can impact the city in a greater way. The Alliance also provided invaluable support by acting as our temporary CFO when that position became vacant. It’s made it possible for me to not be in a rush to hire- I can take my time and find the right fit. The Career Center has also been a huge help- all of our openings go on the job board and it’s a really great resource. That’s the #1 thing we use most and we’ve gotten some great candidates from it. There’s such a variety of resources available to you that inevitably something will be helpful. For us at Girls Inc., the temporary staffing and career center resources have been invaluable.